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artwork: The big bang job part 1 - the unexpected guest

I love Leverage, but never seem to have any real fic ideas - but when the Big Bang Job came up, I realised that since it was a reverse bang, I could participate as an artist with a bit more creativity than usual. This first piece was based on the only real fic idea I've ever come up with - and the authour wrote it out in a different way (but it's really good!) so I might still write it out sometime.

The basic idea was '5 times the Leverage crew had a near-death experience (or, 5 times Death had a near-Leverage experience)'. Yes, I shamelessly ripped off Sir PTerry, and DEATH will be making an appearance if I ever write up the idea myself. Basically, all 5 of the crew would meet a different fandom's 'Death' - I could only fit in Death/Didi from the Sandman comics, and one of the opening credits grim reapers from Dead Like Me. As for the title - well, one of Agatha Christie's plays is called 'The Unexpected Guest' - the tagline being 'The Unexpected Guest - is DEATH!'

(story details beneath the pic)

leverage near death_1

Summary: Five times each member of the Leverage Team met Death and the one time they helped her/him… it? It’s kind of complicated.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Warnings: Major character death, minor character death, oc death, a lot of violence, tried to make it as kid friendly as possible despite the material
Rating: T for teen, [technically PG-13 but rather safe than sorry]
Pairings/Characters: Team, canon pairings, oc's, and a surprise!
Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, teamfic, casefic-ish, angst, drama, family
Word Count: 30,352 [Oh, good lord why?]
Spoilers: Pretty much the series. If you haven't seen Season One or Five be prepared for a shocker.

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Tags: artwork, ficathon, leverage
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