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ANGSTBIGBANG: artwork for 'Out of the Dark' by flipflop_diva

... and I'm back! What, you didn't notice I was gone???

Another day, another bigbang. This time I signed up for AngstBigBang, and got the fic 'Out of the Dark' by flipflop_diva. It's Harry Potter fandom; Harry and Hermione fall in love during the Horcrux Hunt, but are unable to pull themselves away from the gravitational pull of One Big Happy Weasley Family. But they can't end their connection or fall out of love either, resulting in a great big mess with a bittersweet ending.

I got a bit carried away with this one, making three pieces of art instead of one! It's meant to be three different pages from Hermione's me-and-Harry photo album. (I did another piece where I made a pic into a 'photo' as part of a bigger display, but I can't remember how I made a frame, unfortunately (pulls face at self); because I think the second 'page', especially, would have come out much better with borders or frames around the pics.)

Quotes come from 'At the Beginning', performed by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis (yes, from the Anastasia animated film!), 'Burn' by We are the Fallen, and 'Halo' by Depeche Mode. Also I stole the title of 'Here comes the sun' by The Beatles; 'happy days' or something similar seems churlish, because it's clear at the end that Harry and Hermione left a lot of wreckage behind them, and they know that; it's the main reason why the messy situation continued so long.

outof the dark 1_1

I made up my mind from the start that I wanted pictures with Harry, Hermione AND Ron in both the first two 'pages', because he really was an important part of both their lives during the time in question. Apologies to Ginny fans, but honestly, has Ginny had a crucial part in the plot of any book since Chamber of Secrets? If she wasn't the Hero's Designated Love Interest she'd be somewhere between a minor and secondary character. After CoS you could probably take out Ginny and slot in Luna, Lavendar, Katie or Angelica from the Quidditch team or even Susan Bones (given her Aunt's position in the Ministry, she'd probably be more useful) and they could do anything Ginny does without changing the outcome of things at all.

out of the dark 2_1

'The Dark Times' is meant to be more figurative than literal, but I still tried to get gloomy and/or bleak photos for this set; which led to a whole set of challenges in itself. I still wish I could make the shot of the waltz scene from DHpart1 a little brighter and lighter, and easier to see. I really wanted to put that scene in, to show that Harry and Hermione can always find little spots of light, no matter how dark the situation, as long as they're together.

This has the nicest background pic, and my favourite quote, which might be why I'm slightly dissatisfied with it (unlike the other two). Can't seem to quite get the pics at the right angles or sizes to show enough of the lovely background (the heart-shaped lock hanging from the snowy iron gate seems so poignant, doesn't it?) without making the photos impossible to see - which is, after all, the point. I think maybe I'll re-use it some other time.

out of the dark 3_1

Spent a lot of time looking at post-filming-DH publicity shots of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for this one; I tried to use a Muggle type background, because while the author hadn't written that part yet in the draft she sent me, I'm pretty sure that Harry and Hermione left the wizarding world after the trainwreck of the ending, (at least for awhile; maybe on another camping trip to make some new memories, as shown in one of the photos!) and I can't imagine a world where Hermione doesn't go to some kind of University. This 'page' is meant to be Harry and Hermione a few years after, when the dust has settled, so I did my best to use shots with a variety of hairstyles. Let's just pretend that Harry finally got contacts or the Wizarding equivalent of laser surgery in an effort to distance himself from 'the boy who lived', and look more of a grown-up; either that, or Hermione finally told him he had to learn to perform the 'occulus reparus' spell properly himself!

Tags: artwork, ficathon, harry potter
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