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ARTWORK: (couplesbigbang 2014) Betting on You

Well, I wound up dropping out of the couplesbigbang as an author (though if I'd realised how long I had from rough draft turn-in to posting, I would have just begged off the artwork and taken the time to turn in my story!) but I did manage to contribute as an artist, at least.

My story was about one of my fave couples, Clint and Natasha of the MCU. 'Betting on You', by Cassandra S Fisher, can be found HERE, and the couplesbigbang LJ community - if you want to join in next round - can be found HERE

I was really taken with the 'betting' part of the title, so I knew right away I wanted to play with the gambling concept. I do wish I'd found a more complete picture of the gun though, to symbolise Russian roulette; not only as a way of not only illustrating the gambling metaphor, but also the stakes Clint and Natasha are playing for - not only their love, but their lives.

I wanted to do a contrast of either a black and white background with colour pictures to stand out boldly, or the other way around. I couldn't make out my mind, so I did both!


Tags: artwork, blackhawk, ficathon, mcu
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