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casestory 2015: artwork for "Take the stars from my eyes" by karennia_rune

Wouldn't you know it? I actually get this done early, and the @##%! modem breaks!

Anyway, since my last two fics for casestory were both crossovers with 'Grimm', and I had a great time with both, I thought I'd keep the habit. Wise choice! 'Take the stars from my eyes' is a really interesting fic - I'm looking forward to reading the complete story.

'Take the Stars from my eyes' by karennia_rune: read it here on AO3

Did a title page, and fanmix - which probably would have been longer, if I'd had a longer draft, but oh well. I originally had an idea about using all Irish artists (thus the two U2 songs), since this fic focuses on the Celtic myth/legend of Cu Chulainn.

I used a shot of a forest for the fanmix cover because forests seem to be a bit of a running theme in the story - and in both shows, come to think of it.

mediafire download for fanmix (cover and tracks) (one song NSFW)

Song tracklisting (no real spoilers here, for once)
Blood of Cuchuulainn - Jeff & Mychael Danna (opening credits and scenes. It's from the Boondocks Saints movies; I tried it for the title, and found the music worked really well)

Elevation - U2 (Rory's POV on how Maggie makes him feel)

Sick Individual - Halestorm NSFW (Maggie's theme.)

I still haven't found what I'm looking for - U2 (meant to be a 'montage' song, with Nick, Hank, Dyson and Kenzi all looking for answers they're having a lot of trouble finding! And yes, this is my sense of humour coming out again)

Moondance - Nightwish. (Rory's flight and the Grimm Fae Gang's pursuit. Something about this track always makes me think of running through the woods)

Take it Home (Riley's Siren Mix) - thenewno2 (end credits. Since Dyson and Kenzi's secondary mission during all this is just to get the heck home, I thought it fit. And I really like the song)

Tags: artwork; case, casestory, fanmix, ficathon

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