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ARTWORK: couplesbigbang 2015

Seriously thought I'd posted this already... apologies to Cassandra.

So, despite Avengers: Age of Ultron crushing my BlackHawk shipper dreams, I still signed up as an artist for couplesbigbang (still not sure why it doesn't get more participants). I really meant to write something for it this time, but my now-traditional June-August malaise got me again. Maybe next year???

I haven't kept up with this particular author, but apparently this is several stories down the line in the series she started with 'Betting on You' (which I did artwork for last year). Have to say, I think I did a better job last year... getting my due dates mixed up and finished this in a rush is no excuse. Hope she likes it anyway.

Story: Heart's Changes (link at AO3 to be added)
Author: Cassandra S Fisher

Tags: artwork, bigbang, blackhawk
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