ANGSTBIGBANG: artwork for 'Out of the Dark' by flipflop_diva

... and I'm back! What, you didn't notice I was gone???

Another day, another bigbang. This time I signed up for AngstBigBang, and got the fic 'Out of the Dark' by flipflop_diva. It's Harry Potter fandom; Harry and Hermione fall in love during the Horcrux Hunt, but are unable to pull themselves away from the gravitational pull of One Big Happy Weasley Family. But they can't end their connection or fall out of love either, resulting in a great big mess with a bittersweet ending.

I got a bit carried away with this one, making three pieces of art instead of one! It's meant to be three different pages from Hermione's me-and-Harry photo album. (I did another piece where I made a pic into a 'photo' as part of a bigger display, but I can't remember how I made a frame, unfortunately (pulls face at self); because I think the second 'page', especially, would have come out much better with borders or frames around the pics.)

Quotes come from 'At the Beginning', performed by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis (yes, from the Anastasia animated film!), 'Burn' by We are the Fallen, and 'Halo' by Depeche Mode. Also I stole the title of 'Here comes the sun' by The Beatles; 'happy days' or something similar seems churlish, because it's clear at the end that Harry and Hermione left a lot of wreckage behind them, and they know that; it's the main reason why the messy situation continued so long.

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FANMIX: She is tomorrow, and I am today (John/Cameron, Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

WARNINGS: spoilers for both seasons of TSCC, including the very end of the finale, and one song has NSFW lyrics.

I actually made this mix ages - as in years ago - but for some reason, I never posted it anywhere (probably because I was thinking about using several of the songs on other mixes at the time). waywardmixes has yet again prompted me to get the lead out! (I've got at least three other mixes that are not-quite-finished that I'm going to post, too!)

zip file containing front and back covers, tracklisting, and songs HERE at mediafire

J-C today front

J-C today back

(explanation for waywardmixes and tracklisting under the cut)

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FANMIX: Lady Justice dances the Charleston (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring at waywardmixes - it should still be the 20th over in the US, right? *hopeful look*

I thought it would be SO EASY to assemble a fanmix for Phryne Fisher - umm, not so much. About 1/3 was easy; another 1/3 was cannibalised from my potential Jack/Phryne shipper mix, and another 1/3 I just couldn't work out until today.

The covers gave me some issues, too - I really wanted some Art Deco fonts for this. Finding them was relatively easy, so was installing them once I read the instructions properly. But the program I do my initial runs on wasn't registering them, so I switched to paint which won't let you alter the text once you click off it! I spent four attempts trying to get it right, until I tried my initial program again - guess once paint acknowledges it, so will the other. Really need to look into photoshop at some point.

But I am really proud of how the covers turned out! The art deco wallpapers came out rather nicely, didn't they?

ZIP files here @ mediafire

This includes all songs and the 3 covers. I didn't put in the tracklisting, this time, because wayward requires a short blurb about the fandom - naturally, mine ended up being a full page in Word! *eyeroll*

phryne front

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FANMIX: the Big Bang job part 2: We live in the dark because we like it that way (Eliot/Parker)

So for my next trick... I will make a white rabbit disappear!

Well, no - I decided to do an Eliot/Parker fanmix, because I've always shipped them (no offense to Hardison - I like you too! Just think she's a better match with Eliot). I was a bit worried no one would pick it, but i did get someone and she has also written a great fic! (I've been really lucky that way so far, with reverse bangs.)

The title is a quote from one of the Nightside books by Simon R Green - actually, I think it might be a paraphrase, pretty sure I got it off an LJ icon originally. I picked it because, well, it sort of sums up one of the primary reasons I think Eliot and Parker would work as a couple; they're familiar with the darkest parts of themselves - they've lived in those parts of themselves, and come out the other side. They're willing to cross lines that Nate, Sophie and Hardison won't even consider.

zip file link (download includes front and back covers, tracklisting and all songs):
We like the dark @ mediafire

tracklisting under the covers.

Title: The Double Solo Job
Author: walking_tornado
Beta(s): nessataleweaver, dutch_chick674
Disclaimer Nothing from Leverage belongs to me. No money is being made. It's all made up. Don't sue.
Characters/Pairings: Parker/Eliot, Hardison, OCs
Rating: PG-13 (series-level)
Genre: Drama, Post-series
Warnings/spoilers: some violence, language, brief mentions of involuntary drug use, implied torture, OC death
Word Count: ~13k
Summary: Months after the three remaining Leverage team members part ways, Eliot's appearance complicates Parker's solo heist. (Post-series)
Link to fic:

eliot and parker front_1

eliot and parker back_1

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artwork: The big bang job part 1 - the unexpected guest

I love Leverage, but never seem to have any real fic ideas - but when the Big Bang Job came up, I realised that since it was a reverse bang, I could participate as an artist with a bit more creativity than usual. This first piece was based on the only real fic idea I've ever come up with - and the authour wrote it out in a different way (but it's really good!) so I might still write it out sometime.

The basic idea was '5 times the Leverage crew had a near-death experience (or, 5 times Death had a near-Leverage experience)'. Yes, I shamelessly ripped off Sir PTerry, and DEATH will be making an appearance if I ever write up the idea myself. Basically, all 5 of the crew would meet a different fandom's 'Death' - I could only fit in Death/Didi from the Sandman comics, and one of the opening credits grim reapers from Dead Like Me. As for the title - well, one of Agatha Christie's plays is called 'The Unexpected Guest' - the tagline being 'The Unexpected Guest - is DEATH!'

(story details beneath the pic)

leverage near death_1

Summary: Five times each member of the Leverage Team met Death and the one time they helped her/him… it? It’s kind of complicated.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Warnings: Major character death, minor character death, oc death, a lot of violence, tried to make it as kid friendly as possible despite the material
Rating: T for teen, [technically PG-13 but rather safe than sorry]
Pairings/Characters: Team, canon pairings, oc's, and a surprise!
Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, teamfic, casefic-ish, angst, drama, family
Word Count: 30,352 [Oh, good lord why?]
Spoilers: Pretty much the series. If you haven't seen Season One or Five be prepared for a shocker.

Dreamwidth link:
Livejournal link:

SOUNDTRACK: Getting lost and finding you (for 'Come Near' by Topaz119); marvelbang

Honestly, I need to get back to actual writing - it feels like all I do these days are fanmixes! Not that those aren't fun, too, but I think I'm a little burnt out for awhile - despite how good the story I was assigned is, I couldn't get really enthused about the music or covers. I just hope I managed to put together something worthy of the story anyway.

So, this one is for marvelbang; the story is called 'Come Near' and it's by Topaz119. It's all Clint and Natasha, immediately after The Avengers, and about how they redefine their partnership in the wake of Clint's epic mind-frelling, and what her desperation to rescue him has revealed to Natasha.

It also includes a fairly epic road trip, along the famous Route 66. Never got around to mentioning this to Topaz, but I actually tried this myself recently, when a couple of friends and I went to the US to attend the 20th Otacon (which was AWESOME!!). I meant to actually use one of my photos of Route 66 for the back cover, but to be honest? The one I found via google was better.

Also? I don't know what it's like along the part from New York to the Midwest, but the part I travelled, in California/Arizona? ROYALLY SUCKED. It runs alongside the Interstate in that section, so there's no maintenance of the road at all. The first section we drove along, we only went about a mile before the friend who was driving apologetically had to get back on the Interstate, because the road was so lumpy that he was afraid we'd wreck the shocks on the rental car! The second section we attempted had more dips and rises than the Dow-Jones Index. I'm very prone to motion sickness, and I only just managed to get to my pills in time. As I said in the postcard I sent to Mum 'In my case, I nearly got my sicks on Route 66!'

I don't even have a Tshirt to show for it, either - there were a couple of stops which had lots of souvineers, but I decided to hold out for the Route 66 museum. Problem was, when we got to Bairstow (actually the second time, but the first time we were en route to Vegas and only there from late evening to early morning) we found out it was the ONE day of the week the museum was closed, wouldn't you know it? Oh, well. I came back with too many souvineer Tshirts anyway.

Anyway, enough bitching - my point is, the story is fantastic, and every BlackHawk shipper should read it at least once. (the authour was also kind enough to say some nice things about this mix!)

AO3: 'Come Near', by Topaz119

You can download the mix (zip file includes mp3's, both covers and tracklisting) at mediafire:

WARNING: scene-specific listing is after the cut, including lyrics.

There's quite a few acoustic or near-acoustic tracks on this mix; the scenes that struck a chord with me, or were simply important enough to merit a song, tended to be dialogue-heavy or otherwise intense moments where I didn't want to overwhelm the story itself. I also really wanted to add in something from the ballet Coppelia (you'll understand why when you read the story), but I could not for the life of me find somewhere I could download any recording of the score. It's not that I object to paying for music tracks (I prefer it, actually. Better for my karma), but the problems with living in Australia - I can't buy anything audio off amazon (US or UK), and I don't belong to Australia iTunes *helpless shrug*.

Getting lost and finding you
A mix for ‘Come Near’ by Topaz119

Avalanche - Matthew Good Band
Let go (acoustic) - Boys Like Girls
Are you havin' any fun? - Tony Bennett (featuring Elvis Costello)
Maybe - Stereophonics
Route 66 - The Rolling Stones
Let's Get Lost - Amanda Marshall
Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns
Umaretate no Shiro - KOKIA
I feel you - Depeche Mode
One thing is for sure (acoustic) - The Spill Canvas

lost+found front

lost+found back

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FANMIX: 'Stealing tomorrow' (Captain America: the first avenger/Doctor Who)

For the SF bigbang... I punked out again. *sheepish look* But at least I managed to sign up as an artist this time!

Still wish I knew how to 'cut out' a single image from a pic; (I have found instructions, but only for a program I don't have!) I would have liked to have done that with Steve and Peggy's pics on the front cover, rather than just colour out the background. Also think that maybe I should have done that in blue shades instead *thoughtful look*.

'A Single Yesterday' is a great fic by tigerdreams, which lets Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter have that date at the Stork Club, courtesy of the Eleventh Doctor.

Read the fic :

WARNING: The tracklisting beneath the covers (and the cut) gives details of specific scenes, so you might want to read the fic first.

I'll be seeing you - Billie Holliday
Courage is - The Strange Familiar
Fly me to the moon (Neon Genesis Evangelion Director's Cut) - Claire
Our remains - Bitter:Sweet
40 miles from the sun - Bush
Beyond the sun - shinedown
Home - Vanessa Carlton

stealing tomorrow FRONT_1

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HETBIGBAG 2013: ARTWORK for 'My Girl Sarah' by frea_o

What the subject line says, people! From what I could tell from the scenes I was sent, 'MGS' is a noir-version of Chuck, set in 1949. It sounds really interesting, so I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing.

Again, two pieces. I didn't do much at all with the second, and that seemed a little like cheating, so I did the first one as well. But I like them both!

hetbigbang 2013 - MGS_1

I didn't do anything much with the second piece, just added the text; but I really love the pic, so I wanted to use it somehow.

hetbigbang 2013 - MGS 2_1

HEROINE BIGBANG: 'Here I dreamt I was a soldier', by sugar_fey (two artworks)

First up, we have one of my rare (but increasing in number) straight artworks. I was thrilled to get one of my favourite authors, sugar_fey. Again, I got a little carried away - I did two pieces instead of just one. Mostly because the main plot was about Carole and Jessica, (at least in the draft I worked from) but I'm such a diehard BlackHawk fan I couldn't resist doing one for them two.

Loved working with the WW2 setting, especially the code-breaking work at Bletchely Park; the movie 'Enigma' is one of my favourites, and I'm in the middle of the mini-series The Bletchley Circle. (Thank God I wasn't born back then, I would have gone bonkers from the constant sexism and pressure to marry and breed.) I knew from the start I wanted to work in photos of the complex itself, and play with a mix of black and white and colour pics.

heroineBB 1942 A

I racked my brains for imaginary casting (see my fanmix), but the author got back to me with her ideas, which I think worked out much better for this piece. (the hairstyles, for a start) If Jessica (Emilia Clarke) looks familiar but you can't place her, try imagining her as pale blonde and hanging out with dragons. Katee Sackhoff, on the other hand, should be easily recognised by anyone who's been hanging out in the sci-fi TV community the last few years.

The central image of this is one of the very few photos actually taken inside Bletchley Park during the war. It was surprisingly easy to find pics of these two actresses in period-appropriate hairstyles and dresses; I just needed to crop, and in Katee's case, colour over the background.

heroineBB 1942 B

Had a blast de-colouring/colouring various pics for the two; not sure where Clint's 'photo' came from, but I just needed to angle it and 'draw' a black line around two sides (it might be a little off-centre, sorry). Natasha's pic is from The Black Dahlia (which is why she's blonde in the photo).
The photo is a current one of Bletchely Park.

HEROINE BIGBANG: FANMIX: We don't bother with bubblegum

First of my two works for Heroine bigbang. I think I was on a roll after finishing my other works so quickly (relatively speaking), either that or I just got carried away with the pic-manips; I meant to do artwork for a cover and a tracklisting, instead I did a front cover and artwork/lyric sets for each 'pair' of the main characters, as well as the team!

This fanmix is for the story 'Who Run the World', by coffeesuperhero & shadoweangel (at least, I hope that's the names they're using for this, because that's all I got).

My fanmix title comes from the movie 'They Live' (see below).

As for casting - the two roles I 'cast' myself are Ksenia Solo (from the tv show 'Lost Girl') as Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye junior, (I saw the shot of her in the purple pants, and thought 'Score!') and Victoria Pratt (among other things, I know her from the 90's/00's shows Cleopatra 2025 and Mutant X, though judging by her pictures results on Google, she's mostly known for modelling or bodybuilding stuff now) as Carole Danvers, aka Ms Marvel.

ZIP file includes all eight songs, all five covers, (front, Natasha & Maria, Carole & Sif, Kate & Pepper and the team) and a full tracklisting.

‘We don’t bother with bubblegum’
A FANMIX FOR: ‘Who run the world’ by coffeesuperhero & shadoweangel

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum."
- They Live (1988)

bubblegum cover
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