dareversebang artwork 2, fanmix: 'What the Wild and the Dark and the Different Know'

Well, it turns out both my pieces for dareversebang got taken, I just didn't realise that it was being done in two blocks! Ooops. Anyway, I seem to have lucked out on authours in this thing; 'The Bed We Lie In', is a great little story.

story here: "the Bed We Lie In' by dollarformyname

zip file (songs, covers, and tracklisting): download at mediafire

DA maxalec front_1

DA maxalec back_1

What the Wild and the Dark and the Different Know


Himerus and Eros – The Spill Canvas
You're captivating while evading
All the questions I have for you like,
"What exactly makes you tick?"

You know I
I hate you
No, I hate you more
You know I
I love you
No, I love you more

Yes, it's true
You've brainwashed me and now I'm more confused
Especially when it comes to you

Ballerina - Leona Naess
I didn't really want you
But I want you now
It was so foolish of me
To feel you tumbling down
Into that empty room the lights went out
I want to rescue, want to scream out loud
That you will always be mine

Kiss me 'til it bleeds - Nina Gordon
I'm stupid, a sucker, he's a loaded gun
A lover, a leaver, just a hit and run
When our worlds collide
Breathe deep and hold on tight
Cause he's so rock and roll,
I'm a tortured soul with him in my bones
If bitter is sweet then he's just what I need
So kiss me ‘til it bleeds!


No Time for Love – The Casanovas
Well you asked if you were ever gonna see me again
I said yeah, and wrote my number down
But don't get excited - I've given it to all the girls

Well leave it up, shake it all over the place
I don't need no one the time to tell
And besides that, I really just don't care

Just because I called you up don't mean you mean that much to me
These goosebumps baby are only cause it's 10 degrees, ooh!

Cause I got no time
I ain’t got no time for love
Got no time
I ain’t got no time for love

I find it hard to feel
I'm all messed up
This ain’t right, cause I got no time for love

Well I don't understand why this is feeling so damn strange
My heart's made of stone, and baby it'll never change
Just cause I drew a little heart right next to your name

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
You are the smell before rain.
You are the blood in my veins.
Call me a safe bet.
I'm betting I'm not.

I'm glad that you can forgive.
I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget.

Don't Need Love - Johnny Diesel and the Injectors
Give me a reason why I'm feeling this way
Tryin' all the time to keep the blues at bay
When I sleep at night, you're all I see
You're in my head like cable TV
It's no use
When it's self abuse

Livin' on daydreams
It's not like the real thing
But it's all that I got
And a liar I'm not
But I'm lyin'
When I'm tellin' the truth

I don't need love, to get me through
I don't need love, all shiny and new
I don't need love, I tell myself that it's true
I may not need love
But I sure need you

BOTH (the last two are more about the Transgenic situation than anything else)

Lay Down your Guns – Jimmy Barnes
You picked me up when I was down with nothing
And gave me something I can't face the world without
You showed me just enough to fuel my fire, my desire
Never wanna live without it

Both of us need something like we had before
We can't keep fighting like this anymore
Cause in the end we make the bed we lie in
Let’s start trying
What's the point of talking ‘bout it

Never seems to make it better
If we can't get on together
Take a chance and try
A brand new start

In the Shadows – The Rasmus
They say
That I must learn to kill before I can feel safe
But I
I'd rather kill myself than turn into their slave
I feel that I should go and play with the thunder
I just don't wanna stay and wait for a wonder

I've been watching
I've been waiting
In the shadows for my time
I've been searching
I've been living
For tomorrows all my life

The Different – Melissa Etheridge
Come dance with me now
We'll dance without a care
I'm as free as a fire
And change is in the air
There are some things in my life
I'll never understand
But they become the force
That makes me who I am

You've never been to the moon
But don't you want to go
Under the sea in the volcano
You've never looked into my eyes
But don't you want to know
What the dark and the wild
And the different know

artwork: the big bang job; for 'Holidays in Eden'

Well, here's another one I signed up for! (yeah, I'm wondering how I get myself into these situations as well). I love Leverage, and I signed up for The Big Bang Job (clever title, I think) almost as soon as I found it. Problem is, I don't have any fic inklings towards Leverage, never have (except for that one 5 things about the crew and Death, that I think I really will get around to writing... once I'm done with the three or four bigbang fics that are due fairly soon), so I thought signing up as an artist was the way to go. Which was correct!

'Holidays in Eden' has gone through some major revisions since I read the initial draft (like it was originally split between the past with Eliot and Nate, and a current-day storyline with all the crew), but luckily my work was centred on the storyline that remained. I tried to do artwork, I really did, but I just couldn't work the pics of Eliot and Nate with the shots of Columbia... so I wound up with an EP of sorts (sort of 'songs inspired by', instead of an actual soundtrack) and a cover for that.

story can be found here: masterpost at author's LJ

ZIP file (cover and all songs): download at mediafire

holidays in eden cover_1

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artwork for casestory 2: Sobek, Drowning by faithburke (fanmix)

so, artwork #2! I picked this one mostly because I did a Grimm crossover for my artwork last round of casestory, and I had a blast! I thought doing another Grimm crossover might be lucky - and it worked. I really enjoyed this story, and while I've never watched much of CM and am way behind on Grimm, it seemed to stay true to both fandoms in both characterization and plot (and it's a good plot, too).

'Sobek, Drowning': from author's LJ

I had the idea of 'water' as a theme for the songs early on; I must admit, I didn't think I'd end up finding so many variations on the theme in my personal music library! It's probably one of the reasons so many of these tracks are instrumental. Pretty much the only song that isn't about water somehow is the very first song that sprang to mind, on my very first read-through, and I still think it fits the scene in question too perfectly to change (you'll know it when you read it, trust me).

I'm quite happy with the cover, this time; the only thing I would have liked to have changed was the Grimm cast shot... but it was literally the ONLY one I could find! I also wanted to use the pic I found of some statuettes meant to be of Sobek, but I couldn't work out how to outline and extract them from the black background. I really will work out how to use photoshop soon, promise!

Oh, and if the title sounds familiar but you can't quite work out where, it's from the poem 'How doth the little crocodile', from Alice in Wonderland.

ZIP file: download at mediafire

(tracklisting below cover, beware spoilers!)
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artwork for casestory 1: Case of the Murderous Firebug

I had such a great time the last round of casestory I signed up again... and the story wasn't working. Natasha and Clint were being stubborn and pissy and wanted me to write Sword and Shield instead. But I did sign up as an artist, too, and wound up with two stories!

First story was 'The Case of the Murderous Firebug', a Sherlock BBC/Elementary crossover by scandalbaby. (be warned, it's part of a series, so you might want to skim a few of the earliest fics in the series over at AO3)

storylink at casestory (includes link to story and the series masterlist: http://casestory.livejournal.com/51781.html

The story wasn't really long enough for me to do my usual fanmix, so I just went with pure artwork, which was an interesting change. I went through three different 'covers', but I'm only satisfied enough with two to actually admit to them.

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art for da_reversebang: Max Coulson, Agent of SHIELD

Hello! Recently I participated in the Dark Angel reversebang (yeah, talk about old fandoms! Not to mention, one so old that a lot of the fan material was lost when geocities went under, because by that time most of the people participating had moved on.)

Anyway, I wound up submitting two pieces of art; the fanmix person dropped out, I think, but I'll get around to putting up it up at some point. My other piece was taken up - a banner. I hadn't tried any straight artwork before, and I was surprised at how hard and how easy it was, simultaneously.

The concept was that on the night Max and her Unit broke out in 2009, instead of Max being picked up by Hannah the nurse (from the episode 'Heat') she was instead found by Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD, and adopted as his daughter. Subsequently Coulson and Nick Fury found out about Manticore, and Took Steps.

DAxAV reverseBB cover_1

The resulting story by peaceful_sands can be found here: Max Coulson, Agent of SHIELD, by peaceful_sands

I'd had a semi-formed idea for a resulting story (which I'm sure I'll never actually write, to be honest) of my own for the concept. But the author took the idea and ran with it, in ways I'd never really thought of (ie Clint being with Coulson, and him being the one to spot Max as she ran from the Manticore guards - my first reaction being 'that's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?', not to mention how she worked in the events of a certain S2 ep to provide the climax of the plot) It really was an interesting experience, and all praise to peaceful_sands for taking my fuzzy concept and turning out a well-written story from it.

The hardest parts of making the banner were a) finding a screenshot of young Max (I spent about two hours scouring the internet for a really good pic; still didn't find the one I really wanted, of young Max framed in a part-open car door - as I said above, a lot of the Dark Angel fandom was wiped out with geocities) and in getting the SHIELD logo onto Max's jacket. I took a shot of Natasha from Avengers, when she was standing at a similar angle to the shot I'd selected of Max, then cropped the pic to just the SHIELD logo. I used paintbox to scribble some black around the edges, so it was (mostly) even, then pasted it onto the sleeve of pic-Max and saved it as a new file. I'm sure there are any amount of artists out there who could have done something much better, but this is probably the most complicated thing I've tried yet, and I'm quite proud of myself, and how well the finished banner turned out.
all you need is chocolate


Weird - I had to drop out of Avengers crossover bigbang as an authour because my first idea wasn't going to make 5K, and my second (my Iron Man/Full Metal Panic! fusion, War Child, which I really will get around to finishing at some point! I have it nearly all plotted out now!) wasn't even going to have the first part finished in time. So I signed up as an artist instead, and even as a pinch-hitter... and both my authors dropped out. (gloom) One couldn't finish their fic due to Hurricane Sandy-caused powercuts, the other... well, I'm not really sure why, I was told personal reasons (which is fair enough; after all, they're personal). Both authours were fine with my posting, since I'd already finished (and to be honest? they had better have been!) I'm going to go ahead. The titles and authors of each fic are mentioned on the front covers, so if you want to keep an eye out for the fics when they're finished and posted somewhere you can.

One of the main reasons I wanted to post these so badly is that I did a lot more finessing with the covers than usual, and I'm sort of proud of myself for producing more sophisticated artwork than I normally do (there's a reason I always specify I'll be producing fanmixes when I sign up as an artist!)

The links to the zip files (at mediafire) are:

Sweep the ashes at mediafire

All the ghosts that are never gonna catch me at mediafire

('Sweep the Ashes' is character-arc based, no spoilers; 'All the ghosts' is meant to be a straight soundtrack, so specific story details will be mentioned in the tracklisting. Both are Avengers movieverse crossed with The Bourne Legacy, so there will be spoilers for that movie as well; probably nothing you couldn't have picked up from the trailers though.)

sweep the ashes FRONT

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all the ghosts FRONT

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Hope you like them!

FIC: Curiouser & Curiouser 1: Dark Heritage (Avengers Movies/Friday the 13th the series)

I went through about four different ideas for my HorrorBigBang fic... and wound up using none of them. I also wound up mixing up due dates for the four other things I signed up for! (Note to self, next time you think, 'oh, that sounds like fun' CHECK THE DAMN DUE DATES!!!)

Anyway, this is the first in a series that I hope I have the stamina to complete eventually (I'm at about 20 'eps' planned spread over two seasons).

I was made some lovely art, too - link to crazyfoolstiney's art post will be posted once I receive it - including a lovely divider I'm still working out how to put in!

dark heritage title card

TITLE: Dark Heritage

SERIES: Curiouser and Curiouser 1

AUTHOUR: TaleWeaver

RATING/CONTENT: this chapter - Mature / MA15+. Violence, supernatural themes, adult concepts

SPOILERS: character backgrounds: mostly Movie-verse, up to and including ‘Avengers’, with vague references to the characters’ comic backgrounds.

DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Marvel. Story concepts of Friday the 13th the series belong to Paramount/CBS. This story based largely on the script for ‘The Inheritance’, written by Bill Taub. No profit is being made from this work, and no copyright infringement is intended.

CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson. Natasha & Clint & Phil (friendship/family), eventual Natasha/Clint, Natasha & Steve (friendship). Other character/pairings to be determined or spoilers.

SERIES/STORY SUMMARY: (fusion with Friday the 13th: the series) Clint Barton, freshly discharged from the Army Special Forces, isn’t sure what to do with the rest of his life. Graduate student Natasha Romanoff hasn’t been in contact with her great-uncle Ivan Petrovich in decades. The two distant cousins have never even heard of each other before they find out that they’ve inherited Ivan’s antique store. In the midst of a clear-out sale, they meet Ivan’s old acquaintance and occult scholar Phil Coulson, and make a horrifying discovery: Ivan Petrovich made a bargain with dark powers that cursed all his antiques – including the ones that Natasha and Clint have just sold. Now, Natasha, Clint and Phil must join forces and risk their lives to retrieve the antiques and put an end to Ivan’s legacy of evil magic and death.

Part one

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FANMIX: Always darkest before the dawn

As part of MarvelBigBang, I signed up to do a fanmix, and was lucky enough to get 'Shot in the Dark', by Koren M aka cybermathwitch.

I thought I'd try a double cover this time; will NOT be doing it again. Separate front and back covers give me more space to work with and are easier to view once uploaded. Not to mention? When I gave the author a sneak peek, turns out I'd made a mistake on the title of fic! Since for some reason I hadn't saved a rough draft in my graphics program, I had to do the whole thing over again! @#$%! If I'd done it as two separate files, I only would have had to re-do one part instead of two - literally a third of the time.

It's sort of ironic, really - I spent half a night looking for a good close-up shot of Scarlett in 'The Perfect Score' to use for the back cover, because it's the only movie she made when she was visibly younger where she had dark or auburn hair. Then I read the final draft and realise that she's blonde when she meets Clint and the majority of the shooting starts! The only movie where she wields a gun before Avengers seems to be one scene in The Island - which is where the pic I did use comes from. The two of Jeremy Renner come from Bourne Legacy (back) and SWAT (front). The front cover shot of Scarlett does come from The Perfect Score (which also co-starred Chris Evans!); apparently, there's a scene where her character imagines herself as Trinity from The Matrix.

I'm still not all that happy with the plain red and purple backgrounds; I wanted to do the front cover overlaid on the Black Widow hourglass, and find a copy of the SHIELD logo for the background of the back cover - but I searched for hours and couldn't find a plain graphic of the Black Widow hourglass!!! I found lots of spiders, lots of cosplay and some lovely shots of Scarlett, but nothing of just the logo!

The zip file of covers, song files and tracklisting is at mediafire

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results may vary

FANMIX: My World, My Love, My Gun

I can't believe I forgot to sign up for HetBigBang! (shakes head) I did manage to sign up for art, at least. As always, I made a fanmix.

I was a bit annoyed, actually, because in the first checkin I found about half a dozen potential pairings I would have loved to read - including BlackHawk, Nick/Cassie of Push, Mal/River of Firefly, and even Jeff/Annie of Community... and none of them made it to completion!!!!

Having said that, one of the stories did make it, and as it turned out, I was more than happy making a fanmix for this story. Not only because it's a great story, but it's also for one of my rarest ship couples - Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity.

'End of the World (as we know it)' by Alyse can be found on AO3 - and so can this fanmix:

End of the World (as we know it)

My World My Love My Gun - a fanmix

zip file (including covers, tracklisting and songs) can be downloaded here: at mediafire

MWMLMG front_1

MWMLMG - back_1

FIC: Kyrie Elaison, snippet one

I've been writing up a storm for the be_compromised promptathon of abso-fucking-lutely EPICNESS!! (and fills 'officially' end today).This is one of several peeks at 'Kyrie Elaison', an Avengers (movieverse)/Supernatural fusion of sorts, because I'm not sure about the whole, y'know, structure thing. It might just end up being a bunch of connected ficlets.
Oh, and in this universe, the 'S' in SHEILD stands for 'Supernatural'. Not sure about the other letters yet.

TITLE: Kyrie Elaison

FANDOM: The Avengers (2012 movie), fusion with Supernatural.

SUMMARY: (AU) When he left the Army, Clint Barton never thought he’d end up finding his calling hunting monsters. But then, he never thought the brilliant, cursed and sinfully gorgeous teenager he saved from insanity would become his lover, either.

RATING: R for violence, gore, supernatural themes, swearing, adult themes, (mostly) consensual sex.

SPOILERS: character background.

A/N: After ashen_key came out with her own Supernatural fusion, (and did it brilliantly as usual) I was going to make this Clint and Natasha ghost hunters instead, but she talked me back into my original idea. The ghost hunters idea works better as a one or two-shot anyway.

PROMPT: for the be_compromised promptathon of epicness (2012).

look at that girl, she's love in motion (ashen_key)
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