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FIC: Between the shadow and the soul (FMP!) NC-17

Well, I premiered this for the 2008 Church of Lemons, and I'm PRETTY sure that it got through- I only had to post it twice! I just hope the coordinator got my email saying that I didn't punk out on my Feb 23 pledge! This was finished more or less at the wire; it's since gone through a couple of edits, and I like it much better now.

TITLE: Secretly, between the shadow and the soul
SERIES: In secret places #1
AUTHOR: TaleWeaver
DISCLAIMER: If you recognize it, it was created by Shouji Gatou. I’m not profiting from this in any way. But the actual words used here are my own. The title comes from Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet 17.
FANDOM / PAIRING: Full Metal Panic! Sousuke/Kaname
RATING / CONTENT: NC-17. M/F sex and a great deal of angst
SPOILERS: Everything up to end of The Second Raid
SUMMARY: Speculative missing scene for TSR episode 7 ‘Left Behind’. What if Sousuke had ignored his withdrawal orders long enough to say goodbye to Kaname?
PROMPT: Written for 30_lemons #20 ‘First timers’ and 30kisses #4 ‘our distance and that person’.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: While this is a ‘what if’, I’m trying my best to make it fit in with the canon as a missing scene. Would you believe this whole thing initially came about simply because I was annoyed at Kaname losing her first kiss to Leonard, and wanted it to be Sousuke? Also, I’ve gone with the subtitles over the English dub for one particular line, as it’s more consistent with the fan translation of the novel.
SOUNDTRACK: Within Temptation ‘The Howling’& ‘Somewhere’; Evanescence ‘Missing’; Toad the Wet Sprocket ‘Dam would break’.

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FMP! fanmix: Sousuke / Kaname: Warrior and Whispered - VOL 1

My very first fanmix! Gulp. My fanmix is actually in two parts, one for the anime seasons, one for the novels which continue on the story. But I don't have all the songs for part two yet. This was premiered yesterday for 'Church of Lemons' the love_reflection II mailing list marathon - I'll be writing three fics for it, all of which will naturally be posted here too!

Anyway, hope you like it! WARNING: some of these tracks are .wma, meaning you'll need to play them on Windows Media Player or Windows Audio Player - sorry! My beta said some of them opened for her, some of them didn't.

Vol 1 - Harisens and Handguns: the anime seasons

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