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FIC: Any Given Sunday (Stargate Atlantis)

Finally! Not to bitch, but it's about time I got the beta back on this - six weeks and counting? She did apologize very politely, and she did get buried under a RLA (real life avalanche) but considering she was running the ficathon, you'd think she'd be a tad quicker. Oh, well. The fic didn't go stale or anything...

TITLE: Any Given Sunday
AUTHOR: TaleWeaver
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. No sue.
FANDOM: Stargate: Atlantis
RATING / CONTENT: PG. Swearing, sexual innuendo and… I couldn’t think of a good ‘s’ word meaning ‘explosion’.
SPOILERS: Current eps; inspired by the episode description for ‘Sunday’.
SUMMARY: On any given Sunday in Atlantis, one of several things tend to happen to John and Elizabeth, but *this * Sunday, all of them are! For the Sheppard/Weir ficathon.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: You will be writing for: atomicpagan
Request: Include 4 of the following 6 things: A Carter cameo, fire, a black eye, a rabbit, Weir's favourite book (although I cheated a little on that one), Sheppard's favourite cartoon. Spoilers: anything
AUTHOR’S NOTES THE SEQUEL: Many thanks to anr, who not only offered to beta this, but let me put it in late. She can also testify that I sent this in for beta in December – any similarities to the actual episode are coincidental.

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FIC: Home (Stargate Atlantis)

Y'know, doing the previous post reminded me; I really should post all my fic here. After all, it's one of the main reasons - aside from giving proper feedback on LJ - that I finally got this thing in the first place.

The metamorphosis challenge; basically, you picked a couple of TV shows (the moderator picked which one, depending on the balance of fandoms to authors) and the moderator gave you an episode title from that show. You then had to write a story with that title; however, it could be about anything else you wanted. Must go by, see if it's being run again this year...

Anyway, here 'tis. This was written before season 2 started, where I was avoiding all episode spoilers, but not casting ones, so there's some speculation here - that may or may not come true. I tried to be vague enough that this could fit in almost anywhere. Mind you, the bits about Caldwell initially taking military command of Atlantis render it AU anyway...


AUTHOR: TaleWeaver

FANDOM: Stargate: Alantis

SUMMARY: John Sheppard contemplates the meaning of ‘home’. Written for the Metamorphosis challenge. (Spoilers for season 1; speculation and possible spoilers for season 2)

PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Sheppard POV, Sheppard/Weir

DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to me. MGM and SciFi channel.


SOUNDTRACK: End of the World (acoustic), Cold. (13 ways to bleed on the stage)

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FIC: O Tannenbaum (Langford U)

Phew! Waited until (almost) literally the last minute to write my entry for the stargate au_ficathon - first time I've actually done one of these. Signed up for the 09'er ficathon, but fell sick and didn't get it finished (KNEW I should have specified no V/D), and it never got called up, anyway. *shrug* I've tried to sign up for two at Twisting the Hellmouth, but I didn't get my assignment either time.

I was worried that the idea I had wouldn't stretch to 1000 words, but I made it with 273 to spare! *g* This ficathon covers the group of LJ communities that deal with fic in various AU's of Stargate. The ficathon itself, along with Langford U, should be listed in my friends section.

Just a note: Langford U (named after Catherine Langford; in the SG canon, her father first uncovered the Stargate; here, he founded the university) is set in Kansas, where various characters of SG-1 and Atlantis are staff and students. Elizabeth Weir is the Dean of Law, John Sheppard is a Math Professor whose office got shifted to the Law school due to asbestos; he liked it there (not to mention Elizabeth) so much he stayed. He's constantly hunted by a giggling pack of sorority bimbos (from whom he frequently hides in Elizabeth's office). Peter Grodin (the main Command guy in Atlantis S1) is Elizabeth's personal assisstant. Jack O'Neill is on the board of Trustees, as is Hammond, and unfortunately Kinsey. Sam Carter and Rodney McKay are constantly feuding Professors in the physics department - Radek Zelenka is constantly caught in the middle. 'Techie' Davis only recently got a proper name; for about eight seasons or so of SG-1 he was known as 'Chevron Guy'. Nyan was a guest star in season 3 ep, 'New Ground'. Daniel eventually brought him back to the SGC and gave him a job as his assisstant.

TITLE: O Tannenbaum
AUTHOR: TaleWeaver
DISCLAIMER: So not mine.
FANDOM: Langford U (Stargate AU)
RATING / CONTENT: PG. Swearing, use of foreign language and vague sexual implications.
SPOILERS: Takes place shortly before ‘Dot Com’ – vague allusions to events of that story.
SUMMARY: A conversation between day players during the campus Christmas tree decoration. (written for caroly_214)
REQUEST: I'd like a non-romance fic involving some of the minor characters, and maybe their interaction with each other and the major characters, maybe talking about John and Elizabeth's relationship, either before or after they get together
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I haven’t watched SG-1 on a regular basis for several seasons now (mostly due to the weird broadcast schedule here) so if I’m out of date on character development, I apologize. Also: I’m Australian, so is my spelling. And I make no apologies for giving some characters my taste in TV.

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